The Mewar Mystique

Indian food has been a mysterious intrigue, with its mind boggling and bewildering array of sensory provocations in a myriad bouquet of colours, tastes, flavours, fragrances, evoking one’s senses or numbing them, pleasantly surprising or awe inspiring with a mind boggling variety of spices, herbs and ingredients going into every single dish to present a veritable gastronomic delight to the palate!

‘Mewar’ a region of the subcontinent known for its robust terrain, tales of valour of its inhabitants and of course with its legendary gastronomic range rightly contributed by both its royalty and hoi polloi, its adaptation of influences brought in by frequent campaigns, is truly a “Gourmet’s” vision of what lies ahead in a gastronomic paradise.

Mewar Restaurant is a place to visit and see the making of this intrigue simply unravel before your sensual awareness.

(973) 1750 2000
(973) 3681 9000

(973) 1750 2000 / (973) 3681 9000

Mewar is the latest Indian Gourmanderie in town offering a regal tradition with modernity fit for neo royals.

Mewar offers a “Desi and Rajasi” experience like no other! Mewar is poised to set new standards with offerings from the royal repast of the “Rajputana Traditions” from Indian cuisine in the Middle East. A robust cuisine offering from one land soaked in traditions to another land with developed and discerning clientele.

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At Mewar, you’ll find classic trendy infused flavored Indian dishes, prepared with fine-dining mastery, a remarkable atmosphere and even greater service standards. Mewar is the latest Indian Gourmanderie in town offering a regal tradition with modernity fit for its neo royal guests

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Mewar has an elegant vibe, fantastic for date nights or a venue for catch-ups. It is also a great place for a relaxing meal and caters to groups or families as well. Open for lunch and dinner, Mewar offers tradition in a trendy place. A mood that is designed with discerning elegance adds an exquisite visual flavor to your experience

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With an average spend of BD 18.000 for two, you will be spoilt for choice and taken on a culinary journey through India as it offers a royal and modernity in food experience like no other. Prepare to be swept away on a memorable journey of dishes and surroundings only experienced at Mewar

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As the Mewar name suggests, the menu features a dedicated section of the royal 'Rajwada' dishes from the 'Rajputana' region. The well-known food has derived its connotations from around the region.

Mewar is set to entice and charm the local gourmets into savoring partaking a slice of the Royal heritage of the Rajputana of Yore.

Contemporary environs with allusion to the grandeur of the land of “Ranas”,  a culinary selection to match the mood and the settings, with a diversity in the menu offerings that captures a variety, introduces the nuances of fine dining to the “Global Gourmands”.


Mewar connects its customers to an eclectic yet traditional food experience. Our culinary experts and kitchen masters, our Chefs, happily recommend for your taste buds, these creations which are close to their hearts

  • Jodhpuri Aloo Gobhi & Broccoli

    3.200 BD
    Potato, cauliflower, broccoli tempered with fenugreek seeds and ginger
    House Speciality
  • Za’atari Jheenga

    6.400 BD
    A levant inspired special curried, za'atar flavoured prawns
  • Rasmalai Chocolate Mousse

    2.200 BD
    Ever favourite dreamy rasmalai with luscious chocolate mousse
    House Speciality
  • Gosht Usmani Korma

    4.200 BD
    Boneless cubes of Indian lamb cooked in a Rajasthani style yoghurt gravy
    House Speciality
  • Bharta ‘Three Way’

    3.900 BD
    Delightful trio of cooked mashes of aubergine, pumpkin and tomato with Indian spices
    House Speciality